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Our Clients
We are involved with our clients in virtually all of their accounting and business functions.
Some of the diverse types of businesses we have helped are:
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our valued clients!
       ♦    Indian Housing Authorities and TDHEs
       ♦    Non-Profit Organizations
       ♦    Law Firms
       ♦    Construction Companies
       ♦    Engineering and Architectural Firms
       ♦    Land Use Planning Firms
       ♦    Financial Services Companies
       ♦    Retail Businesses

Clients are asking SYNTAX to assist in:
       ♦    Implementation of Accounting software and training
       ♦    Developing proper Financial tracking and reporting
       ♦    Payroll processing, Quarterly and Annual Payroll Tax Filing
       ♦    Employee Benefits Management
       ♦    Preparation of Budgets by department, program, funding source and grant
       ♦    And, yes, sometimes just helping to clean up the mess!

We know that our existence depends on our clients’ success and we strive to participate at the highest level on your behalf to ensure your business runs smoothly, implements good internal controls and maintains fiscal integrity.
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