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Our Services
SYNTAX would be pleased to discuss our successes with you and determine how your organization can benefit from our expertise in providing any of these services:
       ♦    Project Planning
       ♦    Business Needs Analysis
       ♦    Process Improvement
       ♦    Set-up and Implementing Accounting and Financial Reporting Systems
       ♦    Audit Corrective Action Plans and Implementation
Adding Machine        ♦    General Accounting and Tax Preparation
       ♦    Guidance or assistance with:
                •    NAHASDA and HUD Compliance
                •    Properly Implementing GASB Statements
                •    Fund and Grants Management
                •    Non-Profit Accounting
                •    Payroll Processing or Reporting
                •    Tenant Records Management
       ♦    Understaffed and need a short-term solution
       ♦    Just have a mess and need help

Contact us today for additional information by calling (623) 869-8200 or emailing us at sos@syntaxcbs.com and we will answer any question you might have.
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